Oil Change


Today's smaller, technologically-advanced engines require proper lubrication to maintain maximum fuel efficiency, reduce wear, and to improve overall engine performance. More than ever it's important to bring your vehicle to the people who know it best at Gus Brown Buick GMC (Port Perry) Ltd.
Properly maintain your vehicle's engine & other mechanical parts is vital to its health and longevity,
our expert technicians will always deliver the best service and advice whether its for preventive scheduled maintenance or repairs. You can trust Gus Brown Buick GMC (Port Perry) Ltd to get the job done right!

Cars & Crossovers


  • 6L Of Oil ( 5W30 )
  • ACDelco® Filter
  • 15 point inspection



  • 8L Of Oil ( 0W20 )
  • ACDelco® Filter
  • 15 point inspection
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Oil Life Monitoring System

Modern engines feature modern conveniences. The GM Oil Life Monitoring System takes the guesswork out of when you need your next oil change. When the CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON message displays in your instruction panel, it's time to book an appointment. In some cases, the Oil Life Monitoring System might not indicate the need for vehicle service for up to a year.
For added convenience, you can also keep track of your vehicle's oil life with the MyChevrolet®, myBuick®, myGMC® and myCadillac® mobile apps. as well as book your next oil change when the time comes.
Since lack of proper engine oil maintenance can potentially damage your engine, imposing costly repairs, we've made it easy to schedule an oil change.