What is OnStar Technology?


Helping to keep you and your GM vehicle safe, OnStar technology is a communication and security-based service that provides hands-free calling, emergency services, navigation, and vehicle diagnostics. OnStar technology works to make your driving experience stress-free, no matter where you are on the road. Available with multiple monthly subscription levels depending on your needs, follow along as our team here at Gus Brown GM Port Perry walks you through OnStar technology features.

Automatic Crash Response

Sensors that are built into your vehicle will automatically alert OnStar if you’ve been in a crash. OnStar immediately locates your vehicle via GPS, sends first responders and will update them on your condition.

Emergency Services

If you’re in need of emergency services, OnStar directly connects you to an advisor who can offer crucial assistance during a critical moment. Onstar advisors also have a direct line to emergency services to update them on the emergency situation.

OnStar Guardian App

Take the help of OnStar outside of your vehicle and onto your mobile device with this handy app.

Crisis Assist

If bad road conditions hit, crisis assist is here to help reroute you on the safest possible road, or even shelter in extreme instances.

Roadside Assistance

Trust our team of OnStar advisors to help you out with standard roadside assistance, from flat tires to empty fuel tanks. After locating your vehicle, OnStar contacts local services to help get you back on the road safely.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

OnStar always has access to your vehicle location and can easily locate your vehicle in the event that it’s stolen. Sit back and relax while our advisors work with local authorities to recover the stolen vehicle.

Remote Key Fob

Beat the cold of winter by starting your vehicle remotely from the convenient OnStar app. Also have access to locking/unlocking your doors, honking the horn and flashing your lights.

4G LTE Wi-Fi

OnStar offers a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot to ensure you’re connected while you're inside and outside of your vehicle. Paired with an appropriate data plan, your Wi-Fi hotspot can support up to seven devices.

Hands-Free Calling

Keep your focus on the road while you make your calls by simply pushing a button or verbally telling the system the name or number you want to call. One of our OnStar advisors will connect the call for you.

Connected Navigation

Offering real-time traffic updates, parking suggestions and fuel stops (with pricing included), OnStar connected navigation is here to help you out.

On-Demand Diagnostics

OnStar also has access to your vehicle’s vital systems, one of our advisors will help you diagnose your current issue, checking over things like your engine, transmission, fluids and more.

Turn-By-Turn Navigation

Lost? Get the help of one of our OnStar advisors to get you where you’re going. You’ll get turn-by-turn instructions to your desired location, you can even download a full itinerary of directions right to your vehicle.

OnStar services are available on GM vehicles from the capable Canyon to the rugged Terrain. Explore our dealership here in Port Perry to learn more about OnStar and how it can benefit you on the road. Visit us here in Port Perry for all things GMC and Buick, Gus Brown are your truck and SUV specialists in Ontario. Shop parts, tires and even book to service your vehicle with one of our technicians. Contact Gus Brown Port Perry today, and book your test drive with us.