10 ways to save gas and help the environment

  With gas prices at record levels, everyone is looking for ways to help save money at the pump. Here are a few easy pointers to help you conserve gas, improve your mileage and contribute to a cleaner Canada.

1. Respect the speed limit. Use cruise control.
Drive within the speed limit at all times and your car consumes a lot less fuel. Most cars use about 20% more fuel if driven at 110 km per hour than they use at 90 km per hour. Using cruise control can provide additional gas savings.
2. Drive evenly. Avoid hard stops.
Quick starts burn gas while hard stops also cost you. Take your foot off the accelerator and coast a bit before stopping for a traffic light or a stop sign.
3. Avoid idling and rush hour traffic.
You're burning fuel while idling. So, avoid rush hour traffic when possible and keep unnecessary idling to a minimum.
4. Open windows at slow speeds. Use A/C on highways.
Around town, turn your air conditioning off and put the windows down. On the highway, open windows create drag at speeds of 60 km per hour or more, so put them up and use the air conditioning.
5. Remove junk from the trunk.
Added weight in your vehicle affects fuel efficiency, so take unnecessary items out of your trunk.
6. Keep your tires properly inflated.
Low tire pressure can cost you. Not only is it important from a safety point of view to keep your tires at the recommended pressure, it also costs you at the pump; up to 5% more fuel is required to roll a set of 35 to 55 kPa (5 to 8 psi) under-inflated tires.
7. Don't top off gas and tighten the cap.
When buying gas, stop when the pump shuts off automatically. And remember to properly tighten the gas cap after every fill-up.
8. Use the correct fuel grade.
Use the fuel grade recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. In addition, TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline is even better for your vehicle. It is a class of gasoline with enhanced detergency that meets the voluntary deposit control standards developed by four automotive companies, including General Motors.
Some TOP TIER gasoline retailers in Canada include:
* Chevron
* Shell
* Petro-Canada
* Sunoco
9. Don't accelerate up hill.
Build up speed before an incline, and then maintain it on the way up. Coast on the way down for additional fuel efficiency.
10. Avoid rooftop carriers.
Wind resistance becomes the biggest factor when driving on the highway, so avoid carrying things on your roof. If necessary, use an aerodynamic carrier to help minimize drag.

By following these helpful fuel-saving tips, you'll be doing your part to help the environment and saving yourself a few dollars along the way. For more driving and maintenance tips, please contact Gus Brown's Goodwrench Service department at 1(866)704-0595 for more details.

Source: gm.ca


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